signs you're not getting enough vitamins


The vitamin deficiency can lead to many health problems. Without vitamins, we feel weak ans apathetic, and become an easy target for various viruses. all you need to do to determine if you are getting enough vitamins is look in the mirror.
The vitamin deficiency is usually literally written on your face. You can carry out your checkup while you're reading this article.

Pale skin

Few people can boast of having a tank year-round, but if your skin has become completely white compared to how you usually look, this is a sign that you need vitamin B12. With a lack of this vitamin, some of your red blood cells can start getting destroyed, which can release the bile pigment bilirubin, it is yellow and gives a pale shade to your skin. Without vitamin B12 you might feel despondent and tired. Other signs include fatigue, dizziness and memory problems. To restore the correct level of this vitamin, you need to eat more meat and seafood.

Puffy eyes

If you've noticed puffiness around your eyes and in your limbs, your body might be liking iodine. Other signs that you have a lack of this nutrient: the chronic fatigue, drowsiness, dry skin and wheight gain.
The most common source of iodine is: iodized salt. Iodine is also present in seafood, lobsters, shrimps, dairy products and even bread.

Colorless lips

Pea lips can be a sign that a person lacks Iron. Low arterial pressure, regular cold can be further signs of this. To recover a healthy amount is not difficult. You simply need to eat more red meat, liver, chicken, eggs, nuts, buckwheat and other foods that are rich in iron, also give up eating food with high calcium content for a while.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can indicate a lack of Vitamin C. A reduced amount of this can lead to weak community muscle pain and problems with teeth.
Vitamin C is founde in lemons, oranges, red peppers. Also you need to eat more sour cabbabes, berry, mango, kiwi and watermelon.
It's important to remember that these are all indirect symptoms of vitamin deficiency. If you've noticed one of the above in yourself, see a doctor to get a more precise diagnosis as this disease can make your theeth fall out.

Dry hair

Dry brittle hair covered in a sighificant amount of dandruff could be a sign that you like Biotin known as vitamin B7. This is often result of using antibiotics.
To increase vitamin B7 levels you need to eat more meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and pulses more often. More importanly forget about going on a diet for a while.

Do you get enough vitamins and minerals? Are you a healthy eater? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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