How to build your self-esteem

How to build your self-esteem

Your level of self-esteem is the critical determinant of your happiness and your success in life, and your self-esteem is defined as how much you like yourself, how much you respect yourself, and how much you value yourself in your interactios with other people, and the more you like yourself and value yourself, the more you like and value other people, the more they value you right back!
We also found out that sel-esteem is like physical fitness. You can actually build your self-esteem consistenly over time by doing and saying certain things.

The first point of building your sel-esteem is: for you to have a clearer sense of who you are and what you want, let's say what are your very best qualities, what are your very best skills and abilities, what are the things that you do or have done in the past that account for most of your success. When you think back on the things that you're good at and the things that you enjoy, and the things that make you happy, you'll find that you like yourself and respect yourself even more.

The second way to build your self-esteem is: to set goals. Is to say if i could achieve anything at all in life. What would i like to achieve in the weeks and months and years ahead. and write it down, write it down, write it down.

Here's what psychologists have discovered: setting big goals for yourself improves your self-image and raises your self-esteem. You actually like yourself and respect yourself more when you have big goals for your life, you have more self-confidence in you're happier about yourself.

The third way to build your self-esteem is: through self-discipline. We say that self-esteem leads to self-discipline and self-discipline increases your self-esteem.

So that means: setting priorities on your work saying to yourself what is the most important thing i could do right now, and then disciplining yourself to do that. Now here's the key and it's the great key to success. It's called: task completion. Whenever you start and complete a task, your self-esteem goes up, you like and respect yourself more, you feel like a winner, because completing a task is like crossing a finish line, it gives you a feeling of wining. So if you start and complete any task, your self-esteem goes up. If you start and complete your most important task, your self-esteem goes up very high and you feel sometimes exhilarated. Your brain releases endorphins, which are called nature's happy drug. They make you happy and not only that, they motivate you to do more things and to do them better and to do them sooner as well.

So those are some of the ways to raise your self-esteem, and especially underline everything that you do by repeating the magic words: i like myself, i like myself, i like myself. Know who you are, set clear goals, work on the most important things you can do to achieve those goals and discipline yourself to complete your tasks, and your self-esteem will go up and up and up

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