Home remedies for toothache


Home remedies for toothache

Sorrowful life comes from toothaches. Exceedingly pain suffers anytime, anywhere, and unpredictable. It caused by the infection in pulp chamber which retain the nerve endings and tiny blood vessels. But the pain is not only the problem; it may indicate the gum infection, molar decay or bicuspid fracture.

The commercial toothache cures may cause some side effects. Therefore, home remedies for toothache are preferred by many people to cure toothache.

Brush your teeth regularly, especially after you get the meal to clean up the small bits of leftover food in a space between your teeth. All at once you get your teeth clean and oral hygiene. Here are the home remedies for toothache to relieve the toothache’s pain:

Believe or not, gently rubbing a piece of ice between your forefinger and thumb for several times will ease the pain. 


Put a piece of garlic with a lump of salt on the tooth, it is a perfect combination to relieve the pain.

Using union

Union has antibacterial enzyme that kill the germs in the mouth.


Vitamin C from lime prevents tooth decay and also provides toothache pain relief. It may be the common home remedies for toothache.

The juice of wheat grass

This juice can be useful as mouthwash. It brings out the venomous substance from the gums and restrains bacterial growth.


It may peculiar for some people, but actually it is easy to find. It can get from the roots of several plants of the parsley family. It is kind of resinous material which helps in instant toothache relief.

Bay berry

It is one of home remedies for toothache in the form of paste which is mixed with the vinegar to relieve toothache.

Clove oil

Drop the oil directly onto the affected teeth.


Take a pinch and mix with salt, it is perfect to relieve the pain.

Oregano oil

It contains antimicrobial that against food-borne pathogens that cause tooth decay.


Wash your mouth with the salt water.


Squeezing a spherical of cotton wool soaked in brandy helps numb the pain.

So, prepared some home remedies for toothache to get quick response when you suddenly get toothache!. If you have another possible home remedies for toothache, share it to other readers by leaving your suggestion in the comment box.

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