8 ways to finally get a sound sleep

8 ways to finally get a sound sleep

Have you ever asked yourself why is it so difficult to get up in the morning?  Why do i feel like i was run over a train well did you go to sleep on the tracks? No, the answer is pretty simple, you don't sleep right.

Waking up is one of the most natural things in the world, so it's not supposed to be such a challenge. There is something in your daily routine that stands in the way of your good rest during the night.

Did you know that having TV in the bedroom is a bad idea?
Do you eat before you go to bed?

Today we're going to explain why these and many other things don't let you rest enough at night.

1. Sleep enough

Yeah, easier said than done. But come on, it's your health!

Sleep deprivation is known for causing stress which is never good, and the most recent research says it may be a reason of diabetes.

Getting enough sleep every night affects your productivity, your mood and even your weight. An average person needs around eight hours a night, so make you sure you spend this amount of time in bed every night.

However, enough doesn't mean as much as possible, you should maintain your normal day and night cycle, even on the weekends. Try to go to bed and get up at roughly the same time every day. We know it's hard but still! It will help your body set your internal clock correctly, so you won't feel tired when you shouldn't.

2. Make your bedroom just a bedroom

Yeah! You're probably gonna have to get rid that trapeze. It's very important that your mind sees the bedroom as a place where the only thing you do is rest.

Get rid of everything in the room that has nothing to do with sleep. Move the TV to the living room, and of course don't make an office in your bedroom if you work from home. Good luck for that!

3. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible

Buy a high-quality mattress that will help you rest better and faster. Your back will be in the right position, so you won't wake up feeling as if you were in a fight and lost.

Keep the bedroom cool around 65°F (19°C). Otherwise, you will wake up during the night and sleep worse.

Eliminate all sources of light from the bedroom. Why?

The things is in terms of evolution. Artificial light hasn't really been around long enough, so humans have existed for a far longer time without artificial light than with it, that's why we still feel sleepy when it's dark and more alert when it's light.
Maybe someday evolution will fix this little bug. But until then, make sure you sleep in absolute darkness.

Light suppresses production of Melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleeping, say goodbye to watching late-night TV and reading books on you tablet. Try to fall asleep yourself, that's a good time to reflect on the things you've done during the day!

4. Exercise more

Again, humans are not perfect. Who said that? And our boddies are not used to spending 9 hours a day in front of the screen. At least not yet, we're supposed to hunt down wild animals and not watch cat videos on youtube.

So go to the gym, to the swimming pool, walk everyday, do whatever it takes to get tired, not only mentally but also physically.

Exercise helps reduce anxiety and raise your sleep. So if you suffer from insomnia, go outside and run around the block, it might help a lot.

5. Change your diet

Avoid big meals before the night. Otherwise, your body will have to do a lot of work when it should be resting.

Digestion takes a lot of energy, so instead of restoring it, you'll be wasting it.Don't drink too much, you don't want to spend that precious sleeping time on trips on the bathroom. Right?You should also eat less sugar. Sugary foods can give you too much energy that will keep you awake for too long.

6. Relax more

Seriously, take it easy. You know that there is nothing more important than your health. Don't you?

We're not going to advise you something like don't think about work. It's like don't think about huge pink elephant, find a hobby, something you truly enjoy doing and concentrate on it. This will help you get rig of a lot of stressful thoughts.

Take a hot shower before going to bed, it will relax your body and your mind. Also, the water will cool down your body temperature and you will sleep better.

Listening to music is another option

Well, rammstein is probably not your best choice. Try something calm and slow. Preferably without lyrics. Words can be disturbing while soothing music can help you relax.

7. Turn away your clock

Have you had those moments when you wake up before the alarm having no idea what time it is?

It's terrible to find out that it's just 30 minutes left, so you really don't know whether to wake up, now or try to get back to sleep, you usually spends this half hour guessing and then get up tired and stressed. So, it's better to be ignorant and happy.Turning away the clock will also help you stop checking the time when you can't fall asleep. Finding out how much time you've been tossing and turning won't help you a bit, it will only make you angrier and less likely to wake up rested.

8. Have early naps

Napping in the evening destroys your day and night cycle!

Therefore, if you really need a nap, either have it before 3:00 p.m or not at all. Otherwise, you will be awake during the night!

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